Bad Guys

Good Guys versus Bad Guys

When we find ourselves stuck in what seems to be an intractable problem, it’s probably because we haven’t faced the pragmatic problem of whether or not using dualistic thinking is the most useful approach. For practical purposes in making every day decisions, dualistic thinking is usually easiest.  We just focus on getting what we think …read in detail

Dailia Lama with umbrella

Hope is not lost.

This website usually talks about the business of corrections in America and the various claims, disputes, and quarrels that pass for debate. But when we wake up on a Sunday morning and learn of another mass shooting, then must hear and see the hate that drove it being repeated and amplified by others, it is …read in detail

Despaired Man drawing

A Man in Despair

I don’t unusually use my posts to vent.  But having spent, or perhaps misspent, most of my adult life researching prisons, I suffer from an occupational hazard common among researchers; a form of the Cassandra Complex.  The condition is characterized by the experience of deep despair caused when basic and well-known findings from your area …read in detail